Novalux Energy Design

Novalux Energy design and install bespoke renewable energy solutions including ORC, Solar and Biomass. As experts in Combined Heat and Power, Novalux offer a simple alternative to gasification with long term maintenance plans.

Novalux Energy write:-

When installing some renewable energy systems there are government tariffs which are in place to help support the switch to clean heat and/or power. All of the systems which Novalux installs are backed by government incentives meaning you’ll receive an income for the next 20 years, with payback on your machine in as little as 3 ½ years.

Through developing our waste wood biomass boiler we are now able to offer a better model to businesses wanting to streamline their approach. Waste wood biomass can run off A, B and C grade wood. With C grade wood being costly to dispose of companies can be sure they will have a cheap wood supply long past the end of their subsidies.

Our CHP solutions allow you to harness power from the excess heat produced by your biomass boiler. We’re able to offer the system as a whole, or simply retrofit an ORC onto your existing boiler.

Novalux have tested the model themselves by installing two waste wood biomass boilers with attached ORC’s. The ORC’s harness heat from the biomass boiler to provide power, without effecting the heat load. By doing this Novalux have tapped into the Biomass RHI and CHP RHI uplift tariff whilst providing low cost heat to an industrial site. If you would like to learn more call us on 01600 463 008 or visit our website: