CLA President calls for member action on the community assets section of Localism Bill.

10 November 2013

CLA President William Worsley is calling on CLA members to write to their MPs with concerns about the "assets of community value and community right to bid" element of the Localism Bill.


Below are the President's open letter to members, and a standard letter to MPs on this issue.

Dear CLA member




I am writing to ask your help in our fight against certain parts of the Government's Localism Bill  that threaten the rights of private property owners to sell their property when and potentially to whom they wish.


As currently drafted the Bill requires local authorities to maintain a list of what it calls "assets of community value". Once such an asset is placed on the list, the owner may not dispose of it until community interest groups have had the opportunity to bid for it. This means the owner loses the right to sell his property when he wants and potentially to the person of his choosing.


The asset concerned may be land or a building. It does not matter if it is currently used by the public or not.


This has the potential to have a significant impact on a person's property rights and ability to run his business.


The CLA fundamentally opposes these clauses and has been lobbying for their removal.


We need your help getting the message through to Government and so I am asking you to raise the issue directly with your MP.


A letter which you may wish to use is below.


You can find the name of your MP and his or her contact details through the following link:  


William Worsley

CLA President


[Letter by CLA member to MP]