CLA encourages countryside businesses to apply for Defra £60million rural economy fund

30 November 2013

The CLA today (1 March) encouraged businesses in the countryside to apply for funding from Defra's new £60million Rural Economy Grant scheme, which has been informed by CLA lobbying.

CLA President Harry Cotterell said the scheme, which will ki ck-start rural economic growth, has five categories, focusing on farm competitiveness, agri-food, tourism, forestry and micro-enterprise, which were devised by the Association.


He said: "We believe grants made in these five categories will help boost rural economic growth, profits and competitiveness. The rural economy has a vital role to play in helping to improve the health of the overall economy, so we encourage all rural businesses to make an application to this commendable scheme.


"The Rural Economy Grant Scheme provides important funding for rural businesses, which must be allowed to thrive while also safeguarding the environment."