Universal Service Obligation must be maintained in rural areas, says CLA

12 March 2015

The CLA, which represents landowners, farmers and rural businesses, has welcomed recognition from an influential group of MPs that a universal postal service is essential for those who live in rural areas. 

The importance of the Universal Service Obligation (USO) has been underlined in a report published today by the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee.

CLA Deputy President Ross Murray said: "Rural services are already under significant strain and the obligation for Royal Mail to provide a daily postal service, six days a week to every address in the UK, is an indispensible lifeline for many people who live or work in the countryside.

“The Committee’s report highlights the particular importance of the USO for people living in rural and remote communities where internet connections can also be sporadic or non-existent.”

Mr Murray added: “The CLA has been actively campaigning for the maintenance of the USO. We are pleased that the Committee’s report has asked industry regulator Ofcom to set out a timeline of how it would use its existing powers to protect the USO, and we will continue our work calling for the maintenance of the daily postal service in rural areas.”