The referendum decision to leave the European Union will result in greater changes to the rural economy than any decision taken in the past 40 years. 

The CLA are committed to working with Government on behalf of our members to ensure the security of the rural economy throughout the Brexit neogotiations and in post-Brexit Britain. We are confident in the ability of farmers and rural businesses to create new opportunities in the future outside the EU but there must be a framework in place that allows them to do this. 

New Opportunites: How To series 

Throughout 2017 the CLA will be publishing a series of ‘How To’ documents looking at how Government tackle specific land use and economic challenges post-Brexit. These papers are part of our New Opportunities programme started in 2016. They are designed to influence thinking within Government, Parliament, the media and other organisations within our sector.

Click here or on the icon below to read the New Opportunites briefing on how to establish a free trade agreement that works for the food and farming industry.


New Opportunities

After the Referendum resulted in a vote to exit the EU, the CLA along with Scottish Land & Estatess published a series of briefings outlining the new opportunities for the rural economy in post-Brexit Britain. These focus on direct support, trade, regulation, labour and devolution. The CLA also held a 'New Opportunities' campaign throughout 2016 to engage with MPs and Ministers to make them aware of how Government can help rural businesses to take advantages of these new opportunities.

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Leave or Remain

Throughout the referendum campaign the CLA set out the decisions that ministers must make to secure the immediate future of the rural economy in the result of a vote to leave the EU.

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