CLA urges Government and HS2 Ltd to do more to help those affected by rail route

10 September 2014

The CLA today (10 September) welcomed an attempt by HS2 Ltd to address landowners’ concerns over the HS2 rail line by releasing revised plans of the proposed route but said it was only the tip of the iceberg and action should have taken place sooner.

The Association has campaigned for HS2 Ltd to consult with landowners for the past four years but said only now has the company started to listen. While a small proportion of the alterations now proposed are a result of discussions with landowners, the CLA says the Government and HS2 Ltd must deliver more solutions to those badly affected by the HS2 rail route.

CLA President Henry Robinson said: “Landowners and farmers in the area have suffered for several years as a result of HS2 and many have already spent thousands revising business plans, attending meetings and petitioning Parliament to secure their businesses and families’ future, much of this could have been avoided had HS2 Ltd been more proactive.

“Many of the proposed alterations are changes HS2 Ltd should have known about much earlier and relate to access to the railway and utilities. If HS2 Ltd had done its homework correctly and engaged with landowners sooner these would have been apparent a long time ago and could have saved time, money and stress on behalf of those whose livelihoods are being affected by the rail line.”