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CLA Insurance is a unique partnership between the CLA and Howden UK Group Limited (HUG), one of the UK’s leading specialists in rural and agricultural insurance. Dedicated to working with members, they combine many years' experience with strong insurer relationships.

CLA Insurance prides itself on its high standards of service and tailored insurance products designed specifically for the rural community. Using its wealth of experience CLA Insurance arranges thousands of estate, land, home, business and motor policies, often resulting in improved cover and significant savings.

The CLA Insurance rural product range includes the following:

Cover for buildings, contents including fine art and antiques, as well as cover for land and outbuildings used for commercial purposes.

Combine your personal, commercial and agricultural vehicles into one simple and competitively priced policy.

Farm and Estate Insurance
Tailored to your individual needs and designed to cover as range of farming risks including buildings whether residential, agricultural, estate or commercial.

Policies for a wide variety of rural trades and professionals.

Contact Details

T: 01234 311 211 

Getting The Best Results From Your Insurance Tender

Designed to help run an effective insurance tender, this guide has been produced by CLA Insurance with members’ needs in mind.

This guide aims to make the process of setting up an insurance tender less daunting and offers guidance on deciding whether to tender, preparing and reviewing responses, agreements, fees and commissions as well as what to do if things go wrong. It is an impartial document targeted at farmers, estate owners and rural businesses (including the land agents who act on an owner's behalf) and who spend over £5,000 per year on their insurance programme.

By following the advice in the guide you will feel more confident that the end result is an insurance programme that is fit for purpose and provides the scope of cover you require at a competitive premium.

To obtain your free copy, please provide your contact details and approximate renewal date. You will receive an email detailing the appropriate link by return. Don't forget to check your email filters - some settings treat certain emails as SPAM.

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