CLA lobbying boosts for rural housing

24 March 2015

The future of rural housing has received two welcome boosts from the Housing Minister, says the CLA.

Housing Minister Brandon Lewis has announced new planning guidance to increase housing supply for older people, as well as new rules to support Selective Licensing schemes to tackle criminal landlords without unfairly penalising good landlords.

The CLA, which represents rural businesses across England and Wales, has been campaigning for these actions and included them as key recommendations in the organisation’s 2014 Housing Paper Tackling the Housing Crisis in England.

CLA President Henry Robinson said: “There is a critical need to increase the supply of rural housing, including retirement homes and accommodation available for rent. In our Housing Paper last year we set out practical recommendations for achieving the change desperately needed for the benefit of tenants, landlords and rural communities. We are pleased that the Housing Minister has recently made announcements reflecting two of our key recommendations.

“New planning guidance has been announced to support an increase in retirement housing supply in rural areas, improving the options available to the older generation, allowing them to downsize within their communities and freeing up larger units for families wishing to live in the countryside.

“In addition, new rules on Selective Licensing have been set out which will clearly target local authority resources on tackling criminal landlords, without blighting the whole system and penalising good landlords. This is in contrast to the actions of the Welsh Government where Mandatory Landlord Registration is being introduced leading to inevitable rises in rents and reductions in housing supply.”

Mr Robinson added: “The CLA will continue to campaign for policies from Government which will effectively tackle the housing crisis.”

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