Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

Since the British public voted to leave the European Union in June 2016, the CLA has been clear that Government must reduce uncertainty around CAP payments ahead of Brexit by providing the following reassurances to farmers and other rural businesses:

  • All farmers and land managers must continue to receive direct payments, at the same level as they have budgeted to expect, up to the end of 2020, whatever the timeframe for the UK’s exit from the EU.
  • All existing agri-environment agreements must be honoured through to the end of their contracted terms and agri-environment schemes which are currently open for applicants must remain so.
  • All other investments committed to under EU structural funds must be honoured by the UK Government up to the end of the current programme.

We have been making the case for a new, world-leading UK Food, Farming and Environmental policy to succeed the Common Agricultural Policy. Such a policy must be fully funded and ready to be implemented before existing support is removed, with the policy development process being fully transparent with clear milestones and consultation with landowners and farmers at every stage. The six principles for creating such a policy are set out in the CLA’s New Opportunities briefings. Click here to find out more.