CLA welcomes RPA’s plan to improve but stresses it must ‘do better’

25 November 2013

CLA Deputy President Henry Robinson said: "The RPA has been turned around dramatically during the past 12 months thanks to the support of Jim Paice.  We are pleased the RPA is making plans now to deliver the reformed CAP but it is important the efficacy of the Plan is evaluated to ensure real progress is made. 

"The RPA's past inability to make accurate and timely payments to farmers has cost the UK millions of pounds in European Commission fines and forced some businesses into financial hardship.  Its computer system is still shockingly outdated, resulting in compounding problems year on year. This is simply not acceptable."

Mr Robinson added: "As the RPA strives to do better we would like to see more challenging payment targets for the 2012 Single Payment Scheme and expect it to work harder to prevent disallowance fines rather than seeking not to increase them."