Farming leaders call for challenging 2011 SPS payment targets

25 November 2013

The farming leaders said these targets need to focus on achieving more timely payments for claimants who continue to receive their money late in the payment window each year.

CLA President William Worsley, NFU President Peter Kendall and TFA National

Chairman Jeremy Walker said: "We are told the RPA is in a better place than in previous years and one way to demonstrate this is to set it challenging targets for the payment of 2011 SPS claims.  The targets must exceed the performance of previous years if the RPA is to have credibility.

"The RPA is continuing to work on outstanding payments for 2010, which we believe is its top priority, and is actively trying to resolve historic problems. With the 2009 Rural Land Register (RLR) remapping exercise now behind us, and with many more farmers using SPS online, we see no reason why the RPA cannot deliver accurate payments in an efficient manner for 2011 SPS claims."