The ability to communicate is vital to the success of rural business, whether this be by telephone or electronically. The CLA is the first national organisation to recognise this importance by lobbying both the telecoms industry and government to secure more efficient ways to connect. The CLA’s broadband policy highlights this very point, developed as it has over the last ten years to illustrate the importance of digital connectivity to the rural business and the people who live in the rural community.  

Mobile Phones

 CLA remains concerned at the continued lack of mobile phone coverage in rural areas. Mobile phone usage will overtake the use of traditional telephony,
and the current mobile phone infrastructure is simply accentuating the rural-urban digital divide.

Rural Broadband

The CLA has campaigned over the past decade for all rural areas to gain effective and affordable broadband. In that time, the CLA has been instrumental in placing the issue of rural broadband firmly on the political agenda.