Compulsory Purchase (CPO) & High Speed 2 (HS2)

Compulsory purchase

The proposed compulsory purchase of land can cause great uncertainty and huge disruption to the remaining business for many years and may result in close, relocation or significant changes to enterprisess. The CLA has long campaigned for necessary reforms to the compulsory purchase system, which in its present form fails to address the legitimate losses of those sacrificing their land.

We have secured some important victories to make the compulsory purchase system fairer. These include making it easier for compensation payments to be made in advance of entry and progress towards a penal rate of interest on advance payments of compensation that are not made.

However, we want to see a new approach to compulsory purchase – one that makes fairness the cornerstone of a project and delivers a compensation mechanism that works.

The CLA calls on the Government to:

  • use compulsory purchase only as a last resort and then only where need and public interest are proven and negotiations have failed;
  • bring forward comprehensive compulsory purchase legislation to simplify the current laws; and
  • ensure rural land and property owners under compulsory purchase orders receive better terms and are treated fairly by acquiring authorities.

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High Speed 2

High Speed 2 (HS2) is a planned high-speed railway linking:

Since the announcement of the HS2 project in 2009 rural businesses affected have been blighted by the uncertainty of what will happen to their business.

The CLA is working hard to ensure that the very real issues that impact on landowners and rural businesses are understood and tackled by HS2 and Government. Throughout the project, the CLA has engaged extensively with HS2 Ltd and will continue to do so during delivery of the scheme. As part of our long running campaign to secure compulsory purchase reform, we seek changes to the HS2 Hybrid Bill on behalf of our members that would:

  • introduce a Duty of Care which clearly sets out how HS2 Ltd must relate to landowners losing land via compulsory purchase for the project;
  • commit that HS2 Ltd will not permanently take any land that is only required on a temporary basis; and
  • confirm that HS2 Ltd will not compulsorily purchase any more land than is required for the operation and maintenance of the railway.

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