Whether you have a particular employment problem, need to find out how employment law can affect your business or want to defend your rights – you should be a member of the CLA.

Do you have a current employment problem?

Many landowners join the CLA to ask for impartial professional advice, to clarify where the law stands and to prevent expensive and often unnecessary civil actions. Common areas of concern with employment include:

  • employment contracts
  • minimum wages
  • holiday entitlement
  • family friendly rights
  • sick pay
  • ill-health
  • disciplinary issues
  • performance issues
  • redundancy
  • dismissal

Free advice for members

Employment law can be complex. If you become a member you will receive free, independent advice – advice which is aimed at achieving the early and successful resolution of your problem and which normally far outweighs the cost of membership. (For many members the annual subscription costs less than one hour of a professional’s time.)

CLA’s in-house team advises on employment, planning, land use, legal and tax matters and our advisers are experts in their field; in addition, there are surveyors and regional advisers throughout the regions to help you at local level.

As well as the advice CLA members can access, the majority of members – whether they own a single acre or a thousand – benefit from our continuous work to change the law and reduce red tape.

Employment law can represent a major hurdle to growth and the CLA is at the forefront in lobbying for reform that will facilitate rather than frustrate.