GN08-16 Heritage and other farm buildings: The conversion of farm buildings to new uses (England only)

This Guidance Note gives strategic and design advice on the conversion of farm buildings to residential and other new uses, either by using the new (2013-14) permitted development/prior approval schemes, or by making conventional planning applications based on the improved planning policy in the National Planning Policy Framework.  It is designed to be read alongside the two separate CLA Guidance Notes specific to the new permitted development schemes.

Its intention is to help members to maximise their chances of getting consent for sympathetic conversions, so as to put redundant and deteriorating farm buildings to viable new uses.  In doing this, it should help to solve the growing problem of hundreds of thousands of farm buildings in decay, provide more housing and business space, encourage local authorities to see the substantial benefits of sympathetic conversion, and encourage governments to extend the prior approval schemes to cover listed buildings and National Parks and other designated land.


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