Landowning Rights and Responsibilities

Whether you own two acres, twenty or two hundred, you need to know what your rights and responsibilities are for everything that happens on your land. You should also be aware of the various regulations that restrict your ability to use and enjoy your land as you would wish.

Typical issues the CLA helps its members with include the following.

  • What rights does the public have over my land?
  • When do I need a formal written agreement when renting out land for grazing?
  • What are my rights as a landowner regarding my tenants?
  • How do I stop neighbours encroaching?
  • What rights do utility companies have to come on to my land?
  • When do I need public liability insurance?
  • What are my rights regarding compulsory purchase and how can I secure compensation?
  • How do nature conservation controls affect my land?
  • What are my rating and council tax liabilities?

CLA's guide sets out the common issues you will face as a landowner.

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